Shannon Smith

Vice President - Accounting and Finance

Specialties: Accounting

Shannon has been part of the Landmark Commercial Realty team since 2006. With an accounting, marketing & technical background, she initially started as an admin with a concentration in accounting and email/web management. However, as the company meshed her strengths and skills with their needs, she continued to grow in her career. Bringing the previously outsourced accounting in-house, expanding on the services offered to the agents, mixed with company growth, she is now Vice President of Accounting & Finance.

Shannon enjoys Commercial Real Estate and the idiosyncrasies that make its accounting department so much more than just traditional accounting.  Managing the corporate accounting she is responsible for payroll, financial reports, analysis, budget, and financial projections.  Shannon manages the company banking and insurance relationships. Responsible for collections and special agreements, Shannon files Broker’s liens and works with attorneys as needed. As part of the company management team, she helps with office direction and policies. Managing the lease administration team, she oversees the internal processing of completed lease deals, billing and commission payments.

Shannon likes the fact that she has a diverse set of responsibilities because she takes pleasure in learning new things, conquering challenges, and being helpful wherever it’s needed. She is very detailed oriented and is one of those rare people that actually reads full contracts and makes sure every i is dotted and every t is crossed. She has had various HR responsibilities, including managing the employer provided health insurance. During COVID19 she researched and applied for the various funding options.  She implemented electronic filing and new commission and pipeline software to offer more flexibility for the agents, overseeing the data migration and software implementation as well. When the company changed ownership, she not only handled the financial reporting needed for the sale, but also set up the books for the new company in the accounting software. With her technical knowledge, she has done IT software, database, phone & systems support.

Going forward, Shannon will use her drive to learn, excel and grow to lead our accounting department through any changes that may come as the company continues to expand and add new services and divisions,

When not working, Shannon enjoys family, pets and nature and is actively involved in her church.