Valuation Advisory

The foundation of commercial real estate is understanding the valuation of real property and its highest and best use.  Our recently launched valuation advisory division is an expansion of our client services, aimed at providing commercial property owners long and short-term business strategies, along with potential tax savings.

Our valuation team works independently from our other divisions to provide a one-on-one client experience.  Schedule a meeting with our valuation group, which includes a MAI certified and a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM).

Estate Planning
Tax Appeals
Pre-listing valuation
Partnership buyout
Right-of-way / Eminent Domain
Highest and best use analysis
Feasibility studies
Market rent analysis
Buy/lease decision-making consultation
Data Analytics
Market Research

Interested in Valuation Advisory Services?

Please provide us your name and email with a brief description of your inquiry and we will have our Valuation Advisory team reach out to you.