The Regional Spotlight – New Cumberland

New Cumberland is comfortable community with a small town feel located close to the waters of the Susquehanna River. It is also a short drive away from other prominent areas like the Capital City Mall, Downtown Harrisburg.

Landmark Commercial real estate agent, Andrew Kohr, also a current resident of New Cumberland shares his insight about the community, “New Cumberland is a vibrant and healthy community. It is well developed with a booming local economy, commercial activity, and social life. In terms of real estate, there are hardly any vacancies beside the recently closed Coakley’s.”

New Cumberland has a shining future ahead of itself as various local groups seek to make aesthetic improvements and expand the range of services offered there. These new additions to the area would enhance some of New Cumberland’s already existing strengths such as a vibrant sports community, numerous active churches and an established & attractive town center.

The lack of vacancies can make it tough for investment opportunities, but it also means that New Cumberland is full of options and resources for consumers and growing families. Because of this, and the highly respected West Shore School District, New Cumberland is an attractive area to local families, making the multifamily and retail markets very strong.

“New Cumberland is an ideal area for property owners to find tenants,” says Andrew, “Apartments are easy to fill there which makes New Cumberland important for investors to keep an eye on.”

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